Red Circle Panda a.k.a RC, wants you to share your creative tastes and inspire others to have the confidence to release their inner Panda.
Be One with Your Inner Panda and Unleash Your Creative Energy!

Step 1: Create Your Unique Drink

a.   Select

  1. Tea Type
  2. Type of Drink
  3. Sweetness Level
  4. Ice Level
  5. Enhancers

Step 2: Name Your Drink

a. If your selections are unique, give the drink a name

    1. To help, how does the drink make you feel?
      1. Confident
      2. Peaceful
      3. Funny & Playful
      4. Balanced Energy

Step 3: Share Your Drink

a.  Put in your Social Media Addresses and Handles

  1. Instagram
  2. TikTok
  3. Facebook
  4. Snapchat

b.  Tag Red Circle Boba & RC Panda

Step 4: We will add Your Unique Drink to our Menu

Step 5: Watch Your Drink Go Viral

a. Come back to the store to see how many people have ordered your unique drink
b. When you reach 100 orders you will receive a Free Drink or Eat

Step 6: Connect With Fellow Pandas

a. If another Panda shares your unique drink, connect through Social Media or directly at Red Circle Boba and create a positive energy world!